About Costa Rica Cane Company

Costa Rica Cane Company, LLC was formed in 2013 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vinkaplant, BV. (www.vinkaplant.nl) which is one of Europe's leading importers/exporters of plants and starter material.

Our market: nurseries and greenhouses in USA and Canada

We import starter material from our own farms and those of our suppliers in Costa Rica and Honduras, allowing us to control the quality and the logistics so that you get high quality material on time, as fresh as possible.

Since our inception, we continue to deliver quality product's and service to our customers, the growers with year round availability of many popular items, such as Massangeana cane, Marginta cane, Deremensis cane sets like Lemon Lime, Ulysess, Art and Janet Craig Compacta, Cycad Revoluta Bulbs, Pachira Braids, Aralia canes and stumps Sansevieria species, and many more.

If there is something else you need email, or call us and lets put our experienced team to work for you!!

Call (305) 345-3143 or send us an email to jim@crcaneco.com. You will be glad you did!!

Costa Rica Cane Company